A Dose of (capsule) Women's: Timberland

September 14, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Timberland Boot Company has a long standing tradition of making some of the best rugged, outdoor-tested footwear in the business. In the fall of 2009 the brand launched a line designed specifically for, and by, women. Read on for an interview with Lisa Demarkis, Timberland Vice President of Women's and Kids' footwear to get an idea of what's in store for SS2011. And, be sure to check them out at (capsule) Women's NYC on Sept 21-22.

Please provide me with a brief background about your company- when was it started, why? By whom? What is the collection known for – what’s the signature style?

The Timberland Boot Company® collection debuted for women in Fall 2009 as a tribute to the strong, independent women who shaped post-industrial America. These women were entering the workforce – in offices, on factory floors – and needed durable, practical footwear to help them balance their new role in society with traditional house life, all without losing their femininity and sense of style. The inaugural collection was handcrafted to look “well worn” with post-applied details, like a patch of leather here or whimsical stitch there, to reflect the at-home updates a woman of the depression era would have made to keep her shoes looking new. These subtleties make each style in the Timberland Boot Company collection for women unique – a design technique that continues into Spring 2011.

What is the design inspiration for SS2011?

I should start by saying that the Spring 2011 Timberland Boot Company® for Women collection is designed by and for women. The line as a whole features beautifully-crafted footwear -- from wedges to tall boots -- made for those very necessary escapes from the rigors or everyday life. Much like the post-industrial woman, the modern-day woman appreciates the simpler moments outdoors with family and friends in the warm weather seasons – I know I do. With summer-weight materials and peep toes, the Spring 2011 silhouettes are tailored with a feminine twist to make them stylish and fun to wear.

What are some key items of the collection for SS2011? What is the core color palette?

The Timberland Boot Company® for Women collection uses new color and material combinations to extend beyond the workplace to softer, outdoor settings. Tan, cream and vintage black are the predominant colors – neutrals that make sense for the season and the modern, versatile woman. The Lucille Mid Lace Boot takes initial design cues from the classic men’s spectator shoe, offering style and a bit of ruggedness, but makes them uniquely feminine. Moving into summer, women are sure to appreciate the Marge Canvas Wedge for its unique ruching and open-toe design.