A Dose of (Capsule) Vegas: Triple Works

August 13, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS


One of the founders of Works Inc and incumbent designer Mr. Shinichi Haraki gives us the scoop on their SS2010 collection. Read the Q&A  after the jump...


(~Maryam Majekodunmi)


What is your SS10 collection all about?

Haraki: I am tired of how jeans have been treated recently. It's too overwhelming and it became just a "trend". I wanted to reset the stream and back to basics. I have teamed up with denim creators and created jeans collection in raw denim which you have three options for fading time. Fast, slow and no fading. Indigo denim is only material that you can enjoy the color and fading at every stage. Once you start wearing a pair of jeans, it gets character and it synchronizes with your history. Reminding people about that is all about this collection. We made materials that give you three options for fading time, one is indigo dye and fades pretty fast than normal indigo, one is natural indigo which don't fade easily but the yarn is rope dyed so you can still enjoy fading and beautiful blue color, and the other is Permanent indigo which won't fade on purpose to enjoy raw-denim-looking long time.

Where did you get inspiration?

Haraki: I always get inspirations and energy from old clothing and old machines such as sewing machine and shuttle loom. My design is based on my feeling of happiness and dissatisfaction when I wear old clothing.  

What do you expect to be a key item or category in the collection?

Haraki: All the jeans will be sold in pre-washed raw which means they are rinsed and shrunk but look like raw (raw denim usually shrinks at first soaking). I think it's going to be a key.

Where (anywhere) have you been itching to visit and haven't yet had the opportunity?

Haraki: The Grand Canyon. I never got a chance to visit even though I’ve been to Vegas a lot. (I’d like to) Preferably get there by heli!


(~Maryam Majekodunmi)