A Dose of (Capsule) - Uniforms For The Dedicated

January 19, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS




Uniforms For The Dedicated will premiere their latest collection at (capsule) Paris this week

The label functions as a network of various characters (designers, illustrators, visionaries, musicians) promoting cooperation and co-creating undertakings across genre’s boundaries. In the mix of diverse ideas and talent, Uniforms for the Dedicated make men’s fashion.

For inspiration and continuous progress Uniforms continously are searching for new forms of partnerships and inputs. Similar the collective seeks to make way for up-and-coming artists and creative talent.

We welcome the people around us to enter our unification and partake in the creative process. We share a vision to evolve into a co-creating force made out of multiple types of talent and character in the fields of design, music, and more". - Members of Uniforms

 Check out a Q+A below (YB).



1. What can we expect from your latest collection? Guinea pigs, boxes, cut n´ sew, corduroy, colors, lots of details. Playful fashion for grownups.

2. How has your business plan changed due to recent economic times? Strike while the iron is hot, this is the time to be unique. It´s more important than ever to know what gap in the market you aim to fill, there are no place for yet another brand to stand in line with a collection similar to everything else.
Basically we haven´t really changed strategies in any way, we saw this coming and our business model has never been conformed to match an economic boom nor a recession, it´s based on long-term perspectives and sustainability. To reconsider every spending and not have an excess living has always been a foundation to Uniforms.

3. What is one item from your collection that you see as a staple that every man should have in their closet? Our shirts for sure.