A Dose of (capsule) Paris: Want Les Essentiels de la Vie


Picture 8.jpgHailing from Montreal, Want Les Essentiels de la Vie have built a steady reputation for well-crafted, classic men's accessories. From luggage to day bags to notebooks, the brand consistently finds creative ways to combine functionality with a beautiful exterior of handsewn Italian leather. Designers Dexter and Byron Peart take a rare free minute to answer some questions about their much anticipated S/S 2010 collection as they prepare for (capsule) Paris (-Sara Lerner)


What is the inspiration for your 2010 s/s collection?
Since its inception two years ago, we have designed the Want Les Essentiels de la Vie collection with timelessness and functionality as the founding principles.  For Spring/ Summer 2010, we have taken thesse brand ethos to explore the relationship between active sportswear and utilitarian travel gear. Inspired by the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, we have created a capsule collection of technical nylon bags (to include a new slimmer computer case, camera bag and city duffel bag) available in the official five Olympic colors (black, blue, red, green and yellow) in solids and multi-color patchwork editions.   The collection is further enhanced by a limited edition all-white leather computer bag with interchangeable handles in all Olympic ring colors.


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You are a company built on classic craftsmanship. How does one improve upon classics?

While it is difficult to improve on classics, we believe that it is our responsibility to regularly revisit the collection and ensure that we address the new demands of modern day living.  For example, for Spring 2010, we have updated our best selling Kansai, classic macbook computer portfolio offering, to now also include a compact version to support the popularity of netbooks.

Who do you see as a breakout designer for 2010?
We tend to take our inspiration from furniture and interior design, first and foremost over fashion.  While not a new design house, we continue to find inspiration from the "modern meets classic" elements of furniture design house Established & Sons, and interior designer, Ilse Crawford.

What do you consider the most essential accessory for men?
Definitely a bag!  Up until even 15 years ago, men seldom had to carry anything more than a wallet and an umbrella.  Nowadays, men rarely leave home without a smart phone, a laptop, a paperback or a Kindle, for their commute to work or for international travel.  We are driven and compelled to fill this new interest, to fill these needs, of the urban traveler who demands stylish accessories to house these essential items. 

What are your plans for summer?

This summer, we will be traveling to our key markets, and trying to log in some much needed sleep.