A Dose of (Capsule) Paris: SVENSSON



SVENSSON started with basement clubs in the late 90’s in Möllevången, the bohemian parts of Malmö, Sweden.? The small collective turned focus through small assignments in the cultural fields such as photo, journalism and graphic design. Developing a new paradigm in Swedish journalism, the cutting edge SVENSSON MAGAZINE was founded 2002.?During these years SVENSSON formed in the breech between underground media, fashion, art and music. SVENSSON had assignments for Swedish Television, Swedish Radio, School of arts and galleries.?The SVENSSON SHOP opened in 2005, becoming a combination of creative studio, boutique and gallery. The same year SVENSSON developed the first pair of SVENSSON JEANS. Svensson jeans will be shown at (capsule) Paris June 25-27. We caught up with the brand's creative team to see what's up for SS2011 after the jump.

Most of all we let us be inspired by or own history, in terms of the feelings, values - like simplicity, every day down to earth elegance, understandable for anybody, who rather feels than think to much; also confidence and belief, in or own project, not really looking at anybody or anything outside our sphere. At the same time we are focusing at what we do best, holding back our natural impulse to explore new things.

What are some concepts, movements, era, people, music etc that have impacted the design of the collection and why?

We don't really think in these terms at all. We are now, of course with our history playing a natural role, as individuals and also as a collective, as a company. As two brothers, founders of SVENSSON born in Argentina during the military taker over in the 70s, called the dirty war, with a mother from the Argentinean aristocracy and a Uruguayan father fighting with the urban guerrilla organization Tupamaros, we are naturally putting together incompatibilities, the cold Italian heritage elegance with a revolutionary repugnance against all establishment, a urge to break structures and the apparent evident and also giving the public what have been excluded for the few. These things gave impact in the history of SVENSSON from the beginning with the clubs and the magazine.

Growing up in the 90 when hiphop broke threw in the mainstream, it would be arrogant to denial its entrepreneurial be independent influences and its punk feel of do it your self.

Also there is some other thing that is totally overlooked, and that of course would be denied by the capitals Copenhagen and Stockholm. The most important things in Scandinavia happened in Malmö in the beginning of the 2000. There is some signs of this that could be seen by everybody, like the building of the highest building in northern Europe, the upbringing of the most successful Scandinavian soccer player of all time Zlatan, one of the most popular artists Timbuktu etc. What we are talking about is a mentality with self-esteem to accomplish that somehow, in a strange way emerged from the city. And we where in the middle of this, not only carried away by it, but also wanting to form it and go in the lead for it, which we indisputably did with the SVENSSON MAGAZINE, at the same time forming the branding and concept of what now is seen as Scandinavian. So we did not really needed to look at some other times or eras, we where and are part of a time with dramatic and important changes in the economic, social and cultural demography in Scandinavia and being part of a moment with amazing artists, musicians, composer, filmers, entertainers, thinkers, you name it, that are making history, that still have not reached the peek of their careers and which history and fame still are to in the coming to be written down or documented as we are living it right now.

Do you have any other news you'd like to share?

We have a lot of things happening. A lot of things we want to talk about. For example we have poster campaign for the Swedish elections, like all the other Swedish parties, it is coming one new every week. There is no sender and we put it out on the streets and give it away in our stores. you can see it here .

But most of all we would like to get in contact with other people that can do really good craft. We would like to have some help with a tight outerwear collection; also we would like to do some nice Italian sneakers.

What are your plans for the summer?

This summer we are going to Istanbul as we do several times a year, the city that more than any other en-bodies the ancient ambition, more current than ever before, to unite east and west. We are also going for a inspirational tour to Sicily where they say our ancestors are from. In our home city Malmö, where been a little absent the last years, except for our two stores, we are going to have some more music events like we used to have the first yeas when we started, so this closes the circle a little bit, in terms of going back in our own history.