A Dose of (capsule) Paris: Sixpack France


Since 1998, Sixpack France has made a mission of promoting its once-underground lifestyle. According to the house, it’s all about living in the now – raving to the likes of Aphex Twin, broadcasting sentiments with graffiti, and not worrying about other’s opinions. It was the avant garde, a convention shared by few.

But times have changed. “This art of living awake spread, barriers exploded as well as distinctions, underground is overground, hip hop is hi pop,” declares Sixpack France, though the potent force of the energetic lifestyle is better conveyed through the designs themselves. Tees feature images of protest, religious icons, and fellow hellions Ann Bonny and Mary Read, among assorted others. Shirts and jackets have become Sixpack’s new canvases for graffiti and brain-teasing geometric patterns. The house has even supported PMKFA’s collector book, covers brimming with the artist’s hypnotizing conceptions.

It looks like Sixpack France is succeeding in sharing the 90s as it knew it -- a decade that saw the evolution of the French Graffiti scene, when society shunned this counter-culture like a forbidden fruit…but of course after one taste, there’s no turning back. (--Antonio Reis)