A Dose of (Capsule) Paris: Gitman Vintage


SS11 Gitman Vintage Organics

Gitman Vintage is an American heritage sport-shirt and neckwear line that pays tribute to its past, but with a distinct difference. While continuing to honor the importance of a finely crafted button-down oxford and the indispensable pinpoint, the design team at Gitman dusted off old line books to curate an authentic interpretation of the past by selectively appropriating their favorite fabrics and having them remade (Spring/Summer 2010, for example, is recreated from Spring/Summer 1984). The line also recreates le mode retro details, including original double-track stitching, chalk buttons, locker-loops, box-pleats and is reissued with the original "Gitman Bros. Est 1978" label. We checked in with Chris Olberding, of Gitman Vintage to chat SS2011, which is inspired by 1986. Read all about it after the jump.

What’s the inspiration behind the SS11 collection? Spring / Summer 1986 – dish towel patterns, awning stripes, cotton madras (always) and a revived archive favorite: safari colored oxfords. Our collection is always predicated on the past, but we try to add fabrics in a way that bespeaks the present. This season, for instance, we’re doing Japanese organic fabrics which are a mix of cotton, linen and ramie yarn dyed poplins. The fabric is fresh, “green,” and wonderfully wearable, but the design of each echoes our past.

What do you expect will be some key items in the collection?

Linen chambray, organics, cotton madras and our prints.

What are your plans for the summer?

In between the European shows, I’m visiting accounts based on their proximity to the beach.