A Dose of (capsule) Paris: GITMAN VINTAGE



Chris Olberding, the man behind cult favorite Gitman Vintage, took a minute out of his busy schedule to tell us what he has in line for the upcoming 2010 season as he prepares for (capsule) Paris. (Yale Breslin)

What are you working on now?  Polishing off SS10; overseeing one very cool pant project for a much forgotten American manufacturer, Corbin; and finalizing production for what will hopefully be a clever collaboration for a late SS10 launch… details to follow.

What has caught your eye recently?


 In April it was the Fennica division at Beams and Hiroshi Tsubouchi shoes, as well as the cherry blossoms in Kyoto.  In May, the Picasso show at Gagosian and the roof sculpture at the MET.  This month: Roger Federer.


What are you planning on showing for SS10 (key trends, fabrics, colors etc…)

   A rainbow of chambrays; antique seersucker; beautiful cotton madras and some bleeding ones too.  I’ve added some patch-work madras, a short sleeve formal and a linen panel shirt – some from our archives.


What are some themes found throughout your collection?

   The collection uses our heritage again, Spring/Summer 1984 to be exact, but has nothing Orwellian about it.  It’s all very wearable, colorful and fun.  I have a seersucker story; a neat candy colored cabana assortment; and all the goodies mentioned above.


Any summer plans?

   Hopefully a little rest between Pitti and Paris on the Ligurian coast, followed by New York market, hopefully a trip to Copenhagen – to show with my friends at SNS Herning – and round things out with a vacation in early September (but not before Vegas).  Then it’s on to FW10.