A Dose of (capsule) NY - Staple


Staple is a full blown communications and design agency who have collaborated with many brands as well as consistently offering their own collection of highly regarded menswear. Widely known for having one of the biggest collaborations with Nike for their "Pigeon" Dunk Lo, Staple also owns The Reed Space, a retail space in the Lower East Side and Reed Pages, a quarterly publication. For Spring '11 Staple offers a wide range of pieces from plain white and black tee's and fitted hats, to patterned short sleeve button down shirts and inside out camouflage print long sleeve button up's. Upon sitting with Nico Reyes we also got a chance to look at Staples new "Tech Jacket" that is 100% made in Japan and uses the finest quality materials to protect us from the natural elements. (Sid Benitez)