A Dose of (capsule) NY - Parabellum


LA based Parabellum brought something interesting by way of leather goods to this years show. Started in 2005, Parabellum uses only a special type of North American Bison leather that has aged 10 years before it's crafted into belts, cuffs and wallets. All of their work is done domestically, including their unique micro-tanning process to get the color to match their specifications. All of the hardware used (buckles, buttons, clips) are military grade ceramic and all goods are lined with Kevlar. Stand out pieces of this collection include an iPad case that comfortably holds the iPad and doubles as a sleeve for storage. Parabellum also offers a laptop case that is lined with 1940's British cashmere and has a "hustle strap" for carrying your computer on the go. (Sid Benitez)