A Dose Of Capsule: Kitsuné


Kitsuné, a relatively young company originally hailing from Paris, is now proud to be selling in America. This new collection is a "pop and fresh re-interpretation of the historical American symbols which have marked the collective unconscious and features happy collaborations with artists such as André, Carine Brancowitz, Heartsrevolution.” This doesn’t mean that the classics have disappeared; they’ve just been re-vamped. Having sold the finest quality fabrics, Kitsune’s collections are styled with self-proclaimed “timeless-elegance”? and both Barney’s New York and Le Bon Marché obviously agree, having sold Kitsuné’s line in stores. Fashion, music and the arts are all important aspects of Kitsune’s design platform. With the blend of Parisian design and American iconic symbols, there's no doubt that the line?showing this weekend at the Capsule Men's show, Paris?is très a la mode.

Kitsuné are currently showing at the Capsule Men’s show in Paris, June 29 – July 1.

Words by Regina Galluzzo