December 07, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS


Peter Swithenbank, Derek Hartop, and Craig Alexander, three guys with more than 70 years combined experience in the knitwear game, teamed up in 1999 to create a high quality, ethical and eco-friendly company called Cash Ca. Based in the UK, Cash Ca offers an array of knits (from capes and sweaters to gloves and hats) in cashmere, cashmere blends and tons of other options like cotton and silk. In 2010, they launched their men’s cashmere collection with the help of Japanese heavyweight Kazuki Kuraishi. Cash Ca is fast becoming known for its directional luxury goods, but it’s the brand’s commitment to the environment and to workers that’s turning heads. In efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, they produce their garments in a sister factory less than 75 miles from where their cashmere goats are raised, and they opened their own knitwear manufacturing base that uses the very high European standards of quality control and worker’s conditions. Come check out Cash Ca at Capsule Paris Men’s!



Other denim brands may say they’re made tough, but few can claim they’re quality tested by reindeer herders in the harsh conditions of Jämtland County, Sweden. Enter Denim Demon, a full range of jeans, apparel and accessories started by three brothers – Oskar, Anton and Patric – and their father Kjellåke. With modest beginnings in 2006 as a limited run of 286 pairs of jeans, Denim Demon has grown to become a brand that is greater than the sum of its parts; each piece is meant to tell a story about the founders’ Sami culture that has roots across Norway, Finland, Russia and Sweden. Design elements like embossed reindeer antler insignias and handmade horn details reference the handicrafts associated with the Sami people. And as for the construction, if it’s tough enough for reindeer herding in sub-freezing temperatures in the dark, it’s definitely tough enough for you. Find Denim Demon this season at Capsule Berlin.



GANT Creative Director Christopher Bastin built something of a cult following among a specific set of bloggers and menswear devotees during his days as Head of Design at GANT Rugger, and with good reason. Using the brand’s rich history dating back to 1949 as a foundation, the GANT Rugger collection updates the classic American sportswear of GANT’s heyday for a current, comfortable mix of tailored and casual clothing that resonates with guys across a diverse set of tastes and personal styles. The brand’s close association with the finer things in life – from collections inspired by New York restaurateurs to the renowned quality of its namesake rugger shirt – underlines its directional but accessible point of view. Join us as we welcome GANT Rugger into the Capsule family for their inaugural show with us in New York in January.












Rocky Mountain Featherbed was born in the 60’s in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and enjoyed a strong following among outdoor types for the brand’s ultra-warm down vests and parkas. After an early 2000’s revival by Japanese company 35 Summers Co., Rocky Mountain Featherbed is again feeling the love, this time from around the world. With their signature leather yoke intact, the brand has been given an update in luxe fabrics, emphasizing the same quality construction to reach a new generation of fans. It’s also spurred on collaborations with an impressive roster that includes everyone from Clark’s to BEAMS. This season, Rocky Mountain Featherbed will be showing with us at the Capsule New York men’s show. Come by to see what’s captured the attention of style savvy guys from the American West to Tokyo and back again.





The first steps Alexander Stutterheim took toward founding his namesake line of handmade rainwear and accessories happened in a most unlikely place: an abandoned barn on a Swedish archipelago. It was there that Stutterheim found his grandfather’s old raincoat from his days as a fisherman, which he then reproduced and updated with a modern cut and fit. Crafted in the last remaining textile factory in Sweden, Stutterheim coats are made with such care and attention to detail that the seamstress who sews and tapes the seams signs and numbers each piece individually. The coats are without gimmicks, as part of the brand’s mantra reads, “No Gore-Tex. No Velcro. No reflectors.” Just simple, stylish garments to keep you looking good no matter the weather. Alexander’s goal is to create the perfect raincoat – see for yourself this January at Capsule Berlin.