A Chat With Tim Hamilton

November 07, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

Tim Hamilton is one of NYC's more successful independent designers. We had a chance to catch up with him and talk collections, travels, inspiration and advice for young designers. Read on to see what he has been up to internationally and on our own NYC turf.

[caption id="attachment_49212" align="alignnone" width="640"]16 Tim Hamilton AW13[/caption]

So, tell us what you've been up to lately?

Traveling to japan a lot & collaborating with artist Seth Price on a few projects.

What were you doing in Germany? Seth price and I did a fashion show at dOCUMENTA (13)

Can you select 1 or 2 of your favorite pieces from AW13 and give us a breakdown of why they are special?

Yes, 1st is the black hoodie. It’s compact Japanese terry, which is super easy to layer, dress up, or down. I've been running a hoodie since I started my line almost 7 years ago it’s still what I have in my closet.

2nd would be the black thermal, which is another reissue. This one is made in Italy but great for layering as well. In all my shows, this is something I always have mixed in. It was my first homage piece to my late father, he always wore a thermal under a suit or construction work gear. We make ours with seasonal yarns and new details.

Where is the collection made? Mostly Japan some Italy

You’re one of New York’s most successful independent designers. Would you share any business advice that you can pass along to other budding designers?

That’s nice of you to say, I think just balancing your life and work. don’t take rejection personal and always be persist and kind. remember if you your living the dream its doesn't always mean it equals money.

AW14 sneak peek – are you designing that yet? What’s inspiring you? I have a lot of surprises coming up.

What’s next for Tim Hamilton? More art, more lifestyle, more freedom and more happiness I hope.