April 02, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

nhmART.jpgNew High (M)art, is a gallery-esque retailer in LA’s Chinatown known for hosting series of designer-in-residence store exhibitions. A 9-week installment titled "World Fringe - An Ethno, Boho, Afro, Pow-Wow."  features a  curated group of designers and products that pivot around an ethnic-bohemian theme. Pointing to a handful of independent designers, the goal is to highlight ethnic permutations currently thriving in first world fashion and explore them from a variety of distinct interpretations. Confirmed designers include: Society for Rational Dress (LA), Cavern (LA), Telfar (NY), Whitehorse Couture (LA), The Battalion (LA), Goddollars (LA), Marvin y Quetzal (MX), Brian Lichtenberg (LA), Death/Traitors (NY), Peggy Noland (KC), Nehima (LA). Fashion-gallerists Miho Ikeda and T-RIK will present traditional pieces gathered from around the globe that translate in-the-now as styling must-haves for all those inspired to get-their-ethnic-on this summer. With nods to early 90s ethnic looks and a gathering of African, Native American, Guatemalan and Bohemian creations, expect a celebration of print, pattern and color. 

741 New High Street, Los Angeles, April 5- June 7