Nine Danes in Paris

September 28, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

The Danish Fashion Institute paired up with the Paris edition of Capsule to showcase the work of nine rising Danish designers who are putting Denmark on the map as a destination for elegant, functional, and inclusive collections. We got each designer's take on their own collection, and a preview of the looks.

Stine Goya

"The inspiration for the collection is found in the circus menageries from the turn of the century where magic, clowning and acrobatics allured audiences into an entertaining world far away from their concerns about everyday life. A world where time stood still as the acrobats swung their bodies under the flowing tent canvases, where eyes flew open in amazement when the contortionist curled up beyond recognition and where ripples of laughter were released when the tragi-comic clown took the stage."

Maria Black Jewelry

"The idea and aim of MBJ was to approach designing precious metal jewellery with the playfulness and vast fashion freedom from the Bijoux world."

Vibe Harsløf

"The VESPERTINE collection explores our perception of precious metals. Chunky chains are playfully stiffened, while solid strings of gold and silver droops and bends, gracefully sculpted after the neck, ear, forehead and fingers. In addition it challenges our conventional associations – coarsely braided chains are turned into sophisticated fingerings. Elegant bar-rings resemble knuckledusters, used in fights to enhance the impact of a punch. In the VESPERTINE collection the feminine interchanges with the masculine."

Iben Høj

"I felt a true urge to really develop and taking my ideas further. I wanted to create super special one-of-a-kind pieces for the true connoisseur. Only by actually making each garment myself and thereby delving into the creative process, full of playfulness and with an open mind was I able to gain the expression I was after."

Stine Ladefoged

"The inspiration for this knitwear collection is Japanese bondage and different knotting and binding techniques. It is knitwear made with Scandinavian simplicity and sculptural, innovative detailing."

Hofmann Copenhagen

"With this SS13 collection, I wanted to accentuate the lightness of summer – not only in terms of materials but also in the use of colors. This collection interprets this through light, transparent fabrics that are combined with more structured 1950’s pleating and suits and shirts, all worn tone-in-tone. Pale aqua and sky colors are used throughout combined with black/white combinations – and a splash of cool Mandarin. Significant for the collection is the unique crochet print developed from an early 20th century vintage textile, found at a Paris flea market. Applied to structured cotton, this becomes a look for today when cut into trousers, shorts and dresses."

The Last Conspiracy

"Our shoes are innovative, yet inspired by historic fashion trends. We make urban silhouettes that have been plucked from the past, and turned into the future in an edgy, yet classic way. We continuously strive to be two steps ahead by creating extravagant and original designs that excite customers."


“'Onward' is a constant work with the art form “Zero Waste Fashion”. The art form involves to creatively designing the pattern from the start in order to minimise waste mening; to consider the waste of the garments from the very beginning of the process."

A Question Of

"A QUESTION OF fuses fashion with sustainability in an edgy combination. Bringing underground elements together with love and respect for people and the environment, resulting in effortlessly cool garments you can feel proud to wear."