3 Years Later...With Voo Berlin

November 22, 2013 BY WATM

Voo-6Voo is one of our absolute favorite Berlin stores, perfectly placed in Kreuzberg, a neighborhood filled with cultural and creative excitement. A curated selection of the most gorgeous items, from high fashion to streetwear, homegoods, art and more, shopping at Voo is an experience in itself. The store just celebrated their 3rd birthday, we caught up with them to talk about their successes, space, designers and collabs. Check it out.

What was the mission of the space when you first opened, and how have you achieved this goal?

The mission was to create a space where people wanna meet, and where we would feel good and welcome to bring our friends. its not consume driven, its about a lifestyle which not only has to do with buying certain clothes or products.

You have an awesome location – it reminded us a bit of Corso Como X in Milan. How did you find the space? Tell us about the interior design.

Yasin, the owner of the shop is running a bar called LUZIA a few houses down the street and worked with the locksmiths, who rented the space before. When they moved out he thought he wants to start something great in that room.

Voo has often hosted some amazing collabos, what special exclusives do you have in the works?

We just launched a small sweater Collaboration with the french label Brooklyn We go Hard (BWGH) and we are totally in love with it!

Coming up next is a great story with Gabriel Urist, a incredible talented and charming man from New York who will show his best pieces at Voo and will also create some Voo specials!

untitled-36Tell us about the shop- what are some of your best selling styles ? Who are some of your best selling brands?

We do work with more than 70 brands/designers/workshops…and try to pic the most exciting pieces. for the long run its definitely also interesting what could sell best, but for now we wanna keep the greenhorn view on fashion which is the fun part. When you start buying only good selling (which is often very much holding back styles) designs we loose our excitement I think. But we of course have favorite styles which we sell from the beginning like the austrian hiking back bag from ESSL. (see at

About the bestselling brands i can’t really tell either because it also depends on the season. It changes with how much we buy from each brand of course. The ones we invest a lot are the ones with the strongest collection of the season and that means we have more styles and more sales.

How has the business evolved since you first opened your doors?

On the one hand everything is getting easier and on the other hand its getting more easy, because all of a sudden you are surprised how much money you spend and which responsibility you get - we started with a few employees and now we tripled our floor team, got a online store team and thats exciting to see but you have to be aware where you wanna go!

We host a lot of events and that means normally some beers and music while presenting a magazine e.g. but now we also host major events like we just did with H&M for launching the Isabel Marant Collaboration - so we are getting a bit mature also.

Voo-4What do you have planned for your 3rd anniversary celebrations?

We had planned 8 events for november. in the end we even had a 9th release because we couldn’t say no to french brand STILL GOOD who did a collab with WOODKID so we had an amazing time - next coming up a designer flea market with lovely Journelles (blog) which was a blast last season with more than 1000 guests.

Another highlight was the clothing donation event WARM UP for Berlin's homeless fellas. we collected 1700kg winter clothes. we are so stunned and proud.

In your opinion, what are the key elements of a great store?

It’s always about trusting your feelings. No matter if its about clothes, events or people who you work with- if you do it for the right cause it will be great.

When its about running the store you always have to keep in mind that you can buy anything anytime everywhere in the world. online shopping is getting more and more popular so you have to offer more than a piece of design! and always keep a friendly soul. fashion should be fun and including never excluding!