3 Minutes with ... Giu Giu

May 19, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Inspired by simplicity of natural textures, collage, travel and exploration, giu giu is a knitwear- focused label conveying the playful humor and offbeat freedom that life should embody. The collection is currently carried in some of the world’s mosy directional boutiques, including Assembly, Steven Alan, and Radd Lounge Tokyo. We spoke with designer Giuliana Leila Raggiani, a first generation Italian American and graduate of Parsons and Central Saint Martins, about her knitwear collection, giu giu, as she prepares for SS17.


(c) What’s inspiring you for SS17?

GG: In general, the concept of resistance. Also, deep blues, Sophie Lourdes Knight's beautiful obsession with hands, and the nostalgia of old department stores in Boston (ie. Jordan Marsh)

(c) Complete this sentence: The most important person or thing impacting fashion right now is…

GG: a new sense of awareness, because it’s producing mindful designs. These pieces that are created with a certain consciousness, are then worn on the bodies of our generation. What you wear affects how you feel, so I think it’s ultimately making the world a more pleasant place.

(c) Tell us about your design philosophy.

GG: Clothing should be a template for a person to feel comfortable in their own skin. Like you’re wearing nothing, and everything at the same time, because it feels so good on your physical body. It's not about your age or gender. I try to design to excite the senses more than just visually.

Touch. Mixing textures through fiber and stitch, and engaging your inner child with the ability to explore, roll, tie, twist, reverse, etc… One of the main reasons I love knitwear. There are endless possibilities. It's important to have a sense of lightness and simplicity.

photo credit: top: Bennet Perez; bottom: Kara Kochalko