10 Years of T Magazine

October 16, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL

T: The New York Times Style Magazine, is celebrating its ten year anniversary with a special issue out October 19. It's hard to believe that what has become a print mainstay in the fashion and lifestyle press is so young, compared to the Vogues and Esquires and, hell, even the Maxims of the world. But, in the current climate in which print titles debut and fold regularly, ten years is nothing to scoff at; in fact, it's cause for celebration.

And celebrate is just what T is doing, with a look back at notable talents who have graced the pages of the magazine, a closer examination of life in 2004 when T debuted, travel highlights, and, our favorite, ten talked about covers.

See the slideshow above for T's Top 10 Cover Picks - featuring everyone from Javier Bardem to Lee Radziwill - and visit the 10 Years of T portal for more from this milestone year.